fSimpleX 3.0

fSimpleX version 3.0!

Until August 2011, NoBlogs.org was using the LifeType blogging platform. So this blog was using fSimpleX, a free (GNU GPLv3) template for the LifeType blogging platform by al3xu5/dotcommon (based on the fSimple theme by Fredrik Fahlstad).

The fSimpleX 3.0 template I was using is available at the fSimpleX downloads page of this site.

Release notes (fSimpleX 3.0, 17/06/2010):

  • Layout fully revisited and code optimized! Now pages have a liquid 2 columns right-menu layout which comes with a lot of improvements:
    • percentage widths
    • no CSS hacks
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly (the the left-hand main page comes first, then the right column)
    • full length column background colours
    • no images
    • no JavaScript
    • resizable text compatible
    • no quirks mode (XML declaration to display correctly in older versions of IE is not required)
    • no IE conditional comments
    • high browser compatibility
    • valid XHTML 1.0 strict
    • valid CSS 2.1
  • Better graphics (css)
  • Better images (from the gnome theme image set)
  • Fixed a lot of minor code bugs