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mdalerts, mdcheck

Here below are two useful Bash scripts to monitor mdadm software RAIDs on a GNU/Linux system. The mdalerts script is intented to output events detected by mdadm –monitor, thus it should be set in the PROGRAM line of the mdadm.conf file in order to be run by mdmadm. Arguments are passed by mdmadm. When mdadm […]


The hddetach script is a Bash script to safely detach (umount+sync+stop) an external hard disk on a GNU/Linux system. The only argument $1 must be the label of a volume (partition) in the hard disk (e.g. MYDATA) which is mounted on the file system. The script gets the device path (e.g. /dev/sdb) of the disk […]

Back again

Hey! Still alive and back again.Next days I will try to publish some useful (?) Bash scripts.