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Supporting CUE files in MPD: syntactic and semantic consistency with standard formats for audio metadata [UPDATED]

UPDATE – A new version 2.0 (2019-05-08) is now available: SUPPORTING CUE FILES IN MPD – ver. 2.0 (pdf, 335KB) NOTE: This version replace any previous one, which now are deprecated. The old version 1.3 of the proposed pseudocode (who was listed here below) has been removed. The new proposed pseudocode version 2.0 is available within […]


The disktemp script can output and notify disk devices temperatures (reading SMART data) on a GNU/Linux system. The script output disk devices temperatures (echoing smartctl — so you do not need other tools or deamons such as hddtemp) and send a notification (using notify-send) when the temperature is over its limit. Outputs and notifies could […]