GNU IceCat downloads

NOTICE: The following tarballs contain prebuild binaries of GNU Icecat, compiled by me for a GNU/Linux i386 system based on the stable distribution of Debian. Due to bugs in WP, the file extensions of the tarballs I uploaded to the server have been changed from ‘.tar.gz‘ to ‘tar_.gz‘. Please, revert yourself the extensions of files that you downloaded back to ‘.tar.gz, since I can not change the filenames on the server.

Index of /downloads/icecat/
Name Last modified Size
md5sums.txt 30-aug-2012 20:00 163 B
icecat-14.0.1.tar.gz 30-aug-2012 20:00 20.5 M
icecat-13.0.1.tar.gz 15-jul-2012 20:00 20.1 M
icecat-10.0.tar.gz 12-feb-2012 20:00 17.6 M
icecat-9.0.1.tar.gz 29-dic-2011 20:30 17.2 M